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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sketchcrawl - Oct 2012 Update

There was quite a good turn out for today's sketch crawl.  We ended up mixing a bit of heritage trail with sketching stops.

At the Old Courthouse, where we started the route...

final line work completed on site

colours added later - the incorrect roof-line is camouflaged with trees in the background

sketch by Yeo
sketch by Gette
... and, at the General Post Office ...
sketch by Min
sketch by Yeo
 ... and some detail at the Chinese Museum.
sketch by Gette
 We did take a detour around the Anglican church grounds, and ...
... we even 'crashed' a wedding.  There's Min & Melvin throwing flower petal confettis.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Sketchcrawl - Oct 2012

In conjunction with the Icograda Design Week in Sarawak 2012 and PAMSC, this month's sketchcrawl will cover a part of the old Kuching historical precinct, with 30-minute stops at places of interest (ref map below - highlighted in blue) for sketching.  There'll be lots of places to eat too, feel free to sample local delicacies along the way. 

All are welcome to join us. We anticipate this to end about noon. If you have any question, you may contact Pegs @ 0128839769 or Min @ 0198771436.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn Moon Festival 2

I could not attend the mooncake festival sketchcrawl with the others on the 28th September,so i decided to go on another day with some friends who does photography. This is my first time attending this annual event. Was a bit frustrated knowing that it was held only on one day this year, instead of the 3 days or was it the whole week as how it had been for the last few years. Mooncake Festival have been one of the most anticipated event celebrated every year, here in carpenter street.

Though it doesn't seem as festive as it was before, I was actually glad to see that the event still received quite a huge crowd, despite the huge different numbers of stall opened that night. :) You can see grandma and grandpa hanging out with their friends enjoying the show and performances. Youngsters running around with their lanterns. 

i like it here :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn Moon Festival

courtesy of Grace Teoh from Penang

Another excuse to overload on sugar by eating moon cakes, but now that my palate has matured from years of being married to a Cantonese woman, I turn my nose up at the local "tau sah" (sweet bean-paste) moon cakes, scoff at the trendy StarBucks mocha-latte-pandan flavours and eat only the finest "lin-yoong" (lotus-seed paste) moon cakes from KL (where else?). 

But when no one is looking..(Sam especially) I gorge on the local 'gu-chia-lin' (bullock cart wheels) large flat moon cakes bought from the Third Mile Bazaar

 Peggy's inaugural Kuching USk Sketch Crawl - in conjunction with the street celebrations on Carpenter Street
(drawn quickly with BIC Crystal 1.6 mm ballpoint pen because fish porridge from Lau Eya Keng is calling out to me)

This second sketch was done on the back of a place-card during a dull Chinese wedding dinner and coloured in with soy sauce and black vinegar in keeping with the Chinese theme. This postcard is on its way to M in Canada.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sketchcrawl - Sept 2012

This is our 1st official Sketchcrawl since establishing this USK Kuching blog.  Please spread the news.  All are welcome to join us.  We anticipate this to end about 8pm, but please feel free to stay around and sketch more.  If you have any question, you may text me (Pegs) @ 0128839769.

Meet @ LauYaGeng (Guan Thian Siang Ti Temple)

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