Thursday, August 20, 2015

Sketchcrawl - May 2015

For May, we paid a visit to the old Chinese Chamber of Commerce, which is restored now as the Chinese History Museum.  At one point, it also served as the Chinese Courthouse, where the migrants dealt with their own businesses and affairs, during the Brooke's administration.  Since in the past, photography is not permitted in the museum, they had not been able to tell us, not to sketch inside.  Perfect!  Friends of the Sarawak Museum had also used Yvonne's sketch for their free guided tour poster.
Great turnout, with some new faces, despite the crazy weather... hot tropical sun which suddenly turned into a windy day, followed by torrential pour, and ended in sunny weather again!   We had fun nonetheless.
Here are some of the sketches. Head over to our FB group for some more photos of the sketches

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