Friday, May 1, 2015

Sketchcrawl - March 2015

For the 1st weekend of March, we went to record the soon-to-be demolished Dewan Tun Abdul Razak.  Locally referred to as the 'new museum wing'.  From 1973 to 1975, it served as the State Legislature complex. In 1982, the Sarawak Museum Department took over management of the building, slowly turning it into a museum exhibition gallery.  We were mainly on the grounds around the now vacant museum.
More scenes of the sketching afternoon here, courtesy of our sketcher-photographer Jee Fong.
Usually, a number of us will sit in a group and ended up sketching the same scene, but with varying styles.  This is very unique to USK, because we encourage sketchers to express what they see in their own styles.
This group in the photo above ended up sketching from the Old Sarawak Museum building.  Below are our sketches.

And the other group was mainly around the Dewan, so they captured alot of the outdoor exhibits and details of carvings on the building.

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