Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sketchwalk Route 4 Kampung Boyan

Last Sunday afternoon, most of us met at the sampan jetty outside Khatulistiwa Cafe, and crossed Sungai Sarawak to Kampung Boyan in batches.  We were sketching in very dramatic grey skies, between drizzles & strong winds.  Sketchers were dotted everywhere in the friendly kampung.  As usual Jee did some quick sketches and started going around hunting and 'shooting' sketchers in action.  He shared his photos in this album here.
Gette and I stayed in one of the sheds along the new walkway along the kampung side, with some locals fishing next to us. Chilly weather but warm pleasant company. 
Despite the temperamental weather, we still had about 16 sketchers for this sketchwalk, the last of August Sketchwalks.  

These are a few of our sketches from last Sunday. Go to our USk Kuching FB group album to check out more. 
by Gette
by Annette
by Pegs
by Yvonne
by Aurelia
This concludes our August Sketchwalks for this year.  Next month onwards, we are back to 1st Sunday of every month. Meanwhile, we'll keep you posted on when the September exhibition will be! We want your sketches!

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