Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Sketchwalk Route 4 Kampung Boyan

Last Sunday afternoon, most of us met at the sampan jetty outside Khatulistiwa Cafe, and crossed Sungai Sarawak to Kampung Boyan in batches.  We were sketching in very dramatic grey skies, between drizzles & strong winds.  Sketchers were dotted everywhere in the friendly kampung.  As usual Jee did some quick sketches and started going around hunting and 'shooting' sketchers in action.  He shared his photos in this album here.
Gette and I stayed in one of the sheds along the new walkway along the kampung side, with some locals fishing next to us. Chilly weather but warm pleasant company. 
Despite the temperamental weather, we still had about 16 sketchers for this sketchwalk, the last of August Sketchwalks.  

These are a few of our sketches from last Sunday. Go to our USk Kuching FB group album to check out more. 
by Gette
by Annette
by Pegs
by Yvonne
by Aurelia
This concludes our August Sketchwalks for this year.  Next month onwards, we are back to 1st Sunday of every month. Meanwhile, we'll keep you posted on when the September exhibition will be! We want your sketches!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sketchwalk Route 3 Jalan Padungan

For the 3rd Sketchcrawl of August, we covered Jalan Padungan, a commercial area that mushroomed in the economic boom of 1920s and 1930s Kuching.  Today, one can still find the traditional Chinese pastry shops with traditional candies, local pohpiah (spring roll) skin maker, bicycle/motorcycle repair shops, candles & fruits shops selling offerings for the afterlife, and many more.  At both ends of the street, you can find cat statues, because Kuching sounds like "kucing" which means cat in Malay.  
We ended the Sketchcrawl at Song Kheng Hai hawker centre where after the group photos, some stayed on for local delicacies like sugarcane coconut juice, kongpia, rojak, belacan beehoon, sotong kangkong, etc.  

Despite the rain, we had quite a good turn out with some new faces and young sketchers.  Come join us for last August Sketchwalk Route 4 : 24 AUG 2014
Area : Kampung Boyan / Kampung Gersik
(any Lorong or buildings within the vicinity)
2:00pm Briefing at jetty outside Khatulistiwa Cafe, Waterfront (we'll take the jetty to cross Sungai Sarawak)
2:00pm to 5:00pm - Sketching
5:00pm - Congregate for group photo at food court near jetty at Kampung Boyan side
A compilation of sketched scenes of Jalan Padungan
USk Kuching sketchers with their sketches
These are a few of our sketches from last Sunday. Go to our USk Kuching FB group album to check out more.

by Yvonne Yeo
by Aurelia
by Gabrielle
by Pegs
Sketchers mingling and viewing the collection of sketches from the day's outing

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Sketchwalk Route 2 Jalan McDougall

Last weekend, we had our Sketchwalk Route 2 at Jalan McDougall.  This stretch of road was named after the late Bishop Francis McDougall, who was a surgeon and priest who came with the first Anglican mission to Kuching, back in 1847.  There are still a few rows of old shophouses and businesses along this road.  Some had been converted to budget hotel, hostels, travel agencies, restaurants and cafes, while others maintained their old businesses, like barbershop, law offices, motorcycle repairshop, kopitiam, etc.  

We had one of the biggest turn out for this Sketchwalk with over 20 sketchers.  Most of the photos were taken by Jee Foong.  At the end of our sketch outing, the owners of The Junk, a famous restaurant & bar in town, near where we were sketching, treated our sketchers to pizza and refreshment on the house.  Twas a fantastic sketch outing, with good weather and amazing company.

Come join us for Sketchwalk Route 3 : 17 AUG 2014
Area : Padungan Road / Abell Road (any Lorong or buildings within the vicinity)
2:00pm Briefing at the open space next to Bing Padungan
2:00pm to 5:00pm - Sketching
5:00pm - Congregate for group photo at Song Kheng Hai food court (and refreshment)
A compilation of all our sketches
Refreshment at The Junk
These are a few of our sketches from last Sunday.  Go to our USk Kuching FB group album to check out more.
by Min
by Jee
by Daniel

by Georges
by Aurelia
by Helena
by Pegs

Friday, August 8, 2014

Sketchcrawl - August 2014

Also our August Sketchwalk Route 1, a few of us got up early for the morning sketches.  The meeting point was Hong San Si temple at Wayang Street.  The area to cover was from the temple to the Brooke Dockyard.  I stayed on at the temple the whole morning, in case there were latecomers. We met up at the Old Courthouse, for a sharing and photo session at the end.  The result was a good mix of buildings along Route 1.

Come join us for Sketchwalk Route 2 : 10 AUG 2014Area : Park Lane to McDougall Road
2:00pm - Briefing at Ting&Ting Supermarket carpark
2:00pm to 5:00pm - Sketching (any Lorong or buildings within the vicinity)
5:00pm - Congregate for group photo at Ting&Ting Supermarket carpark
[Park wherever is convenient for you. For your info, carpark at Ting&Ting is assigned for customers only.]
by Liew
group photo of sketches 
by Ms Yeo
by Ms Yeo
by Helena
by Aurelia 
by Aurelia
by Helena
by Gabrielle
by Gabrielle
by Pegs