Sunday, April 27, 2014

The driveway to grandma's house

These are my 'drawings from memory' - of grandma s house at Jalan Tabuan. It is no longer there. It burned down one night in 1987, I was studying in Australia at the time. When I was told the news over the phone; my mom mistook my stunned silence for a bad connection, perhaps not aware of how much the 'old house' and my memories there meant to me.

Seven years of my life was spent there; when I was born until the time when I completed my Primary One schooling. After which, I stayed over on most weekends until I was twelve - almost all my childhood memories had something to do with the rambling old house and its 4-acre jungle of a 'garden'. There was a special thrill every Friday afternoon when I walked up the gravel driveway that wound up a small hill to the house – it was the end of the school-week and the beginning of an adventure-weekend.

Closer to the house, gravel turns to concrete and you catch sight of the house - a powdery blue timber structure with shutters on the first floor raised on brick piers one-storey high.The formal living and dining rooms were on the ground floor while the bedrooms were upstairs, the kitchen with its wood-fire stove was in a separate single storey structure.

The highlight of each week was lunch at Grandma's where she holds court with hot soups and an equally fiery temper.

the kitchen with its wood-fire stove was in a separate single storey structure.(right of picture)


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  2. Thank you for your comments, we have recently re-enegised our efforts and there will be more posts from now on. Peggy & Co will post our sketches in FB; we are very proud of our little town in Borneo, please visit our page often

  3. Your sketches remind me of home, my grandma's old house is still standing in Kuching. I'm currently residing in Melbourne. What about you?

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