Sunday, December 28, 2014

Xmas Sketchcrawl 2014

During this season of giving, instead of exchanging gifts, we met up for a Xmas Sketch exchange, at The Spring mall; amongst the festive mood of holiday-makers and shoppers.
Gallery of sketches before the exchange
Sketchers with their exchanged sketches
We are very thankful for the photos provided by Jee and Annette, that captures all our sketch outings and also documenting each sketch.  More activity photos here.  Below are the sketches.

by Gabby
by Yvonne
by Annette

by Marvin
by Marvin
by Yunyi
by Aurelia
by Jee
by Marvin
by Peggy
by Jee

Sketchcrawl - December 2014

Urban Sketcher Kuching organised our sketchcrawl for December to coincide with the World Art Convention, as requested by the organisers as a fringe event for their participants.  Jee and Hel co-lead this sketch outing.
More activity photos are on Facebook here

Below are just some of the sketches from this sketchcrawl; more sketches are here in our FB group.
by Georges Schneider
by Jane Ling
by Marvin Chew

by Aurelia

Sketchcrawl November 2014

Always wanted to explore Swiburne university Sarawak campus during weekend, where there's lesser human traffic flow.
Usually we get our 3 hours sweet time to sketch and site scouting, but this time we decided to try a really quick sketchcrawl. Most of us switch to Speedy Gonzales  mode during this crawl, it turns out to be fun too.


Urban Sketchers Kuching wish to clarify that although urban sketchers were invited to participate in the sketch competition, as mentioned in this press release, we will not be participating.
This is because it is not in line with the USk Manifesto where sketching is about the camaraderie and not about competing. We have also mentioned this to the organisers when approached to be involved.
However, we do encourage members to participate as individuals (not as urban sketchers). All the best to them who can showcase their talents!
excerpt from the press release

Exhibition with Sarawak Heritage Society - press coverage

Here are some news clipping on the Exhibition with Sarawak Heritage Society; click the link to the online article.

THE BORNEO POST, 22 Nov 2014

THE STAR, 22 Nov 2014

THE STAR, 25 Nov 2014

SIN CHEW DAILY, 27 Nov 2014

Exhibition with Sarawak Heritage Society

After a small preview show by Sarawak Heritage Society (SHS) in June of this year, we finally set up the full exhibition at the end of November; with 20 over sketches by our urbansketchers completed over various sketchcrawls.  Gabrielle, Aurelia, Jee, Min, Helena and myself were there for the set up.  It was a very new experience for most of us, because we had never hosted an exhibition of this scale before (except Gabrielle).  Nonetheless, teamwork made all possible.  Here are some photos taken by Jee, of setup day.
We showcased our sketching tools and sketchbooks, to show what urbansketchers usually work with.  Most of the time, non-sketchers will assume that they need very elaborate artist-grade materials.  This is to share that even the most basic ball-point pen can be used.  Min even showed his soy sauce painting, complete with a splash of the 'material' in a sauce dish.  We also included 2 panels explaining the Urban Sketcher's Manifesto and the About column.

The exhibition hall came alive on 21st Nov 2014, abuzz SHS's committee members and invited guests.  The Chief Minister of Sarawak's wife, was our Guest of Honour, declaring the exhibition opened to the public on 24th till 28th November 2014.  

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Sketchcrawl - October 2014

After a few proposed locations, we decided to start a series of school sketches, starting with St Teresa's school which was established in 1885.  Since I had to tell my ex-teachers how many sketchers we were expecting, so that they can inform the school principal and the guards that we were coming during the weekend, I estimated about 8 sketchers.  Therefore, we were pleasantly surprised with the turn out of 14 sketchers, including one new sketcher.  Catherine, Gabrielle & I recalled going to school here, years ago.  Quite a lot had changed since then.  New covered walkways, new landscapes, new extension blocks, new outdoor furniture, new paint, etc.
We missed out on a group photo this round because the rain came suddenly & chased us away.  All the close-up shots on artworks are courtesy of Jee. Here are photos Jee took of us sketching, after he completed his own sketch. View more of our activities on our Facebook Group.
by Jascinta
by Tan
by Aurelia
by Aurelia
by Jee
by Annette
by Georges
by Gabrielle
by Catherine
by Yvonne
I'd always been really proud of nurturing and encouraging parents who brought their children to sketch with urbansketchers; like Clive, who would patiently wait for Nicholas (13yo) & Nicole (11yo) to finish sketching, even brought them out for their own sketch outings some weekends.
by Nicholas
by Nicole
by Hel
Halfway through, my ex-teachers came to have a look at our sketches and requested for my linework sketch to be used as a print on their new school books carry bag.  I gladly obliged, after all it is considered a true honour to have students of my alma-mater carrying my sketch around.
 by Pegs
My alma-mater, while I sat under the tree, infested with dropping tiny leaves, mosquitoes, sand flies, wasps & other bugs. (blots were unintentional. from swatting flies) Urban sketching really made me observe details that would usually miss the fleeting eye; like missing letters in the signages, an ex-mission school with Arabic words inscribed on the walls of the school hall, non-symmetrical decorative columns, etc. cool! 😁