Thursday, November 14, 2013

Lov Gallery

Last Friday, at Lov Gallery's opening exhibition titled "Lov Kuching", Min, Azie, Hel & I, shared our works at the gallery.  The gallery, by itself is a interesting space that exudes the charm of an old Padungan shophouse.  Viewed from the road, left of the gallery is the Batik Boutique Hotel, and right is an empty plot where the old Odeon Cinema once stood.  Here are some photos by NgeeJee from the night.

We had also agreed with Patsy Lam, the director at the gallery, to let them use our images to printed on postcards.  Fresh from the oven, she gave each of us 10 assorted postcards of our sketches.  The rest are for sale.  In a small way and for art-sake, I hope this will help fund future events and exhibitions.

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