Sunday, March 17, 2013

Sketch Crawl - February 2013 Update

This was our little group for February's sketch crawl; Pegs, Azie & Yen.  We wanted to experience life by the river, particularly Sungai Sarawak.  As it was also Chap Goh Mei, 15th day of the Lunar New Year celebration, a lot of us could not make it due to family commitments.  We still went ahead with the original plan.
Kuching, as we know it today, blossomed along both sides of the Sungai Sarawak riverbanks.  Today, one can still see the humble beginning of this city on the Kampung Gersik side.  While on the south banks, the godowns and shophouses that once lined the riverbanks, are now replaced by hotels, gift shops and a public waterfront park.

For RM30, we decided to take a leisurely river cruise, the traditional way ... by sampan.
At some point, we tried to sketch but found it a bit tricky with the little sampan rocking to every wave and ripply from other passing boats.
So we took some shots of the Kuching Waterfront and enjoyed the scenery instead.
Here are some of the sketches we ended up finishing.

Sketch Crawl - January 2013 Update

Just before the Lunar New Year celebration, we head over to Kenyalang Park to capture the festive mood.  Kenyalang Park is one of the earlier neighbourhoods in Kuching.  Each time this year, almost by-passing the Christmas mood, the commercial centre in this neighbourhood will be full of happenings; with blaring Chinese New Year songs, sinful yummilicious snacks and bright auspiciously coloured decorations for sale.

The line-up

Ms Yeo's