Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Xmas Sketchcrawl Update

We had a few new sketchers and some young sketchers this round.  It's fun to watch them passionately sketching.  I was pretty sure they would only get better with time.
I saw USK Penang's Xmas Sketchwalk on Facebook and thought it's a wonderful idea to share sketches in the spirit of Xmas.  So I proposed to the Min and Azie that we have a Xmas sketch exchange.  I exchanged mine for a beautiful angel by Yen.
Today's line up; everyone facing a different view.
Pegs' : Looking at the old Bomba quarters from behind the main streets of Padungan
Azie's : street furniture of two-storey KMC flats
Sketches exchanged!  Merry Xmas!!!

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