Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sketchcrawl - Dec 2012 Update

Started my day with laksa at Green Hill Corner, while waiting for everyone to arrive.  Since most of us agreed to a quick session today, we walked over to Ting&Ting Supermarket.  It was the first air-conditioned supermarket in Kuching.  In its early days, this was the place to go to for imported brands of groceries, and western food supplies.
L-R: laksa Sarawak, a local breakfast staple; squatting by the roadside; sharing sketches
Ting & Ting early in the morning, before the weekend shoppers came for their groceries
The line up of today's efforts

Wayang Street - Min

Ting n Ting - Min

Maybe today's session was such a quickie, it wasn't enough to scratch that itch to sketch together.  SO... we decided to sketch again on Christmas Day, this coming Tuesday at 4pm!  Can you join us?

We will be heading down to Padungan area.  Meet at carpark of St Peter's Church, facing the Fire Station.

For more info (or in case you get lost)
Pegs @ 0128839769
Min @ 0198771436
Azie @ 0104326832


  1. Pictures are so clear. Damn it iphone 5. :P

  2. ayo mine like budak kechik standard compared to u guys lol

    1. hi! apeng is it? or ah peng? haha. itok kmk pk ktk and ur wife chinese =_=" btw, glad to have new sketchers with us. do join us again this christmas. :)

  3. just apeng haha.. yalah tek. it was fun though. im not good with colours. see u guys tomoro then

    1. good for you to join us ... please continue to come on our sketchcrawls! the more the merrier ... what I learnt is that everyone has their own style ... there are some who draw realistic, some draw caricature, some draw 2d ... it's Manifesto No.5 "... individual style!" ... check out our USK manifesto! ;)
      CYA SOON!