Thursday, November 29, 2012

Kuching General Post Office

 This is one of my favourite places in town; the Kuching General Post Office located at the corner of Carpenter Street and Jalan Tun Haji Openg. This building of architectural significance was designed  by Denis Santry of the architectural firm of Swan and McClaren in Singapore and was completed
in 1932. It served as a police station and stables for the white rulers before assuming its role as the General Post Office for Kuching. Other significant buildings in the vicinity include the Pavilion which house the textiles museum and the Round Tower; recently dwarfed by the insensitive and unimaginative insertion of a massive commercial complex next to the Pavilion , facing the GPO.

From the 2010 sketch crawl

 2012 sketch crawl - I only realised that I sketched from the same corner while looking through old sketchbooks

2010 - sketching with Tao and Sean Wee

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sketchcrawl - Nov 2012 Update

This month's session of sketch crawl brought us to the end of Waterfront. Fellow sketchers have the options to explore around the old Brooke Dockyard and the old state mosque but we all stayed at the old Brooke Dockyard instead and everyone seems to enjoy sketching various features they can find near Brooke Dockyard.

Helena and some of Limkokwing's students that joined us that day. From the front : George, Helena, Ann, Siti & Yasmin.

Some enjoy sitting near the jetty.

Here are some of the sketches from the crawl :

My sketch of the day. Was looking forward for some boats to sketch. Guess there wasn't any on that day :( Maybe we ought to try the other bridge in Padungan next time.

Sketch from Helena; The old Brooke Dockyard. There's Min in the background!!

Our newest sketchers, Ann!

A sketch by Siti.

Exquisite detail by George.

sketch #1  by min

sketch #2  watercolour rendering by min

The crawl ended with us struggling to find a kopitiam. Ironic enough that most of the malay's nearby kopitiam only runs at night.

Till next time, lets find more boats!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Sketchcrawl - Nov 2012

Its November and its time for another Sketch Crawl around town!!

Since we've been covering Waterfront / Carpenter Street area a lot lately, lets try out some of it's neighboring area. This time we'll head to one of Kuching's oldest open air market in front of Electra House. Some of the historical buildings can be spotted around the area; the Old state mosque and the Old Brooke Dockyard.
Date : 11th Nov 2012
Time : 8.30am
Location : Open air market (in front of Electra House)

Time to sketch some boats!! All are welcome to join us, if you're interested you may contact the members; 

Pegs @ 0128839769
Min @ 0198771436
Azie @ 0104326832

See you!

Secret Rooms Tour at the Sarawak Museum

Sam attended the Secret Rooms tour at the Sarawak Museum recently, and was treated to exhibits seldom seen by the public as they are very delicate and rare. I did not go and therefore can only share my views of the Museum from the outside.
My Kuching skyline with the bottom half of the building cut off reminds me of old photographs taken with Instamatic cameras - often what the lens captures is not what is seen through the view-finder.

The porch of one of the small office buildings that line the driveway to the Museum

* roasted or steamed chick peas sold in rolled newspaper cones by (usually) Indian vendors