Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Home in Kuching

This post was originally uploaded in 2007 (Sara was 11)

This is a sketch of our living room on a typical Saturday afternoon when the heat of the day drives everyone indoors. We are at home quietly occupying ourselves with our hobbies and our thoughts - Sara is reading and eating a chicken-floss sandwich, I am sketching and Freddie (who has since left us) is preoccupied with what he does best; sleeping curled up in a ball.

Sara eating lunch with Freddie sleeping behind her

..and soon Sara is sleeping as well - amongst the laundry and hangers. She must be tired as the pokey wire hangers do not seem to bother her.

Sara sleeping amongst coat-hangers

Jadie is one of our other 7 cats

5 years on; Sara is still naps in the afternoons though her lunch repertoire has increased beyond simple chicken floss sandwiches. Here she is, with Morganne Lo

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