Monday, October 1, 2012

Autumn Moon Festival

courtesy of Grace Teoh from Penang

Another excuse to overload on sugar by eating moon cakes, but now that my palate has matured from years of being married to a Cantonese woman, I turn my nose up at the local "tau sah" (sweet bean-paste) moon cakes, scoff at the trendy StarBucks mocha-latte-pandan flavours and eat only the finest "lin-yoong" (lotus-seed paste) moon cakes from KL (where else?). 

But when no one is looking..(Sam especially) I gorge on the local 'gu-chia-lin' (bullock cart wheels) large flat moon cakes bought from the Third Mile Bazaar

 Peggy's inaugural Kuching USk Sketch Crawl - in conjunction with the street celebrations on Carpenter Street
(drawn quickly with BIC Crystal 1.6 mm ballpoint pen because fish porridge from Lau Eya Keng is calling out to me)

This second sketch was done on the back of a place-card during a dull Chinese wedding dinner and coloured in with soy sauce and black vinegar in keeping with the Chinese theme. This postcard is on its way to M in Canada.

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