Thursday, October 11, 2012

Autumn Moon Festival 2

I could not attend the mooncake festival sketchcrawl with the others on the 28th September,so i decided to go on another day with some friends who does photography. This is my first time attending this annual event. Was a bit frustrated knowing that it was held only on one day this year, instead of the 3 days or was it the whole week as how it had been for the last few years. Mooncake Festival have been one of the most anticipated event celebrated every year, here in carpenter street.

Though it doesn't seem as festive as it was before, I was actually glad to see that the event still received quite a huge crowd, despite the huge different numbers of stall opened that night. :) You can see grandma and grandpa hanging out with their friends enjoying the show and performances. Youngsters running around with their lanterns. 

i like it here :)

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