Friday, September 21, 2012

Kuching, Sarawak

These sketches were originally posted in 2009 in my personal blog; here they are with some new observations.

On some Sundays, I take Sean and Sara on the bus and travel downtown, which in Kuching takes all of 15 minutes - arriving at the old mosque. Often we walk through India Street to the Courthouse and there, we sit for a while and sketch our surroundings - the stately timber building with its courtyard and mature trees is a physical landmark as well as an emotional one. 

Sara does not sit still to sketch...

formed by the single storey buildings, the courtyard is a nice surprise in the centre of the complex

the classical facade of the GPO is another architectural landmark in Kuching
this is one of the first 'supermarkets' in Kuching - in my childhood, it was the only place to buy cheese and salad cream

This is my home town, I know it intimately and when I meet people overseas - I invite them to visit and promise them a free seafood dinner when they do.

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