Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Sketchcrawl - Sept 2012

This is our 1st official Sketchcrawl since establishing this USK Kuching blog.  Please spread the news.  All are welcome to join us.  We anticipate this to end about 8pm, but please feel free to stay around and sketch more.  If you have any question, you may text me (Pegs) @ 0128839769.

Meet @ LauYaGeng (Guan Thian Siang Ti Temple)

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Kuching, Sarawak

These sketches were originally posted in 2009 in my personal blog; here they are with some new observations.

On some Sundays, I take Sean and Sara on the bus and travel downtown, which in Kuching takes all of 15 minutes - arriving at the old mosque. Often we walk through India Street to the Courthouse and there, we sit for a while and sketch our surroundings - the stately timber building with its courtyard and mature trees is a physical landmark as well as an emotional one. 

Sara does not sit still to sketch...

formed by the single storey buildings, the courtyard is a nice surprise in the centre of the complex

the classical facade of the GPO is another architectural landmark in Kuching
this is one of the first 'supermarkets' in Kuching - in my childhood, it was the only place to buy cheese and salad cream

This is my home town, I know it intimately and when I meet people overseas - I invite them to visit and promise them a free seafood dinner when they do.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Satok Sunday Market

The old Satok Market will be moving to it's new place sometime at the end of the year. Thought it would be nice to have our own records of the old market before its gone. :) 

I was occupied with Peggy, Helena, Min together with his family, Christy, and her friend that lovely morning.


Peggy's sketch.


I've been to the market couple of times with my parent for a sketch. I love how this old style market is always full of vibrant colours!!! Definitely a characteristic soon to be miss once they move to a new and slightly modern location.

Sketching in studio

My sketching style took a bit of a detour from the usual water colour style to computerize editing.

It was few months back when i was still in KL trying to survive my final year as an architecture student in Taylor's University. Since most of the time i am trapped in studio drowned with assignments, i end up sketching the very studio i was in. 

This is actually an old sketch i did last March...

I came across this sketch again 2 months ago, and decided to edit it in adobe Photoshop. and yes, i was in one of the studio as well when i did this. a 10-minute-break worth of artwork.

Its a bit rough obviously, used a mouse to coloured it. Would have turn out better with a tablet. Definitely something different. :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Junction of Main Bazaar & Jalan China

Went urban-sketching with Ms Yeo & Lee again. This time at Main Bazaar. It's a sun-shiny day, but we found nice shady spots under the trees along the Waterfront.

I enjoy detailing the layering of textures on the building.  Sometimes, it makes me think that these add character to the place, even as it 'stained' the original facade of the building.  

Welcome to USK Kuching

Much thanks to Gabriel Campanario, founder of Urban Sketchers for encouraging sketchers globally, to show the world, one drawing at a time.  Also, special thanks to Tia Boon Sim and (especially) Don Low of USK Singapore, for helping us with the initial setup of USK Kuching.  We are very excited, and we hope to get in touch with more sketchers soon; local and abroad, together with other USK chapters in our neighbouring regions.