Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Sketchcrawl - July 2016

Jee and I discovered this spot, along with a couple of other interesting locations, when we were scounting for sketchable locations in Kuching.  This was a foodcourt at the top floor of a multi-storey carpark called Saujana, and it was an empty foodcourt because it was Ramadhan month.  Surrounding it was the historical precinct of old Kuching; plenty of shophouses, and kampung houses across the Sarawak River.
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June 2016 - MBKS

A friend contacted me, to asked if we could sketch MBKS (Kuching South Municipal Council) while he films us appearing to be sketching the building; it was for his film footage.  Since it sounded fun, and we really do sketch, so we did sketch the MBKS council building, while he did his stuff.

Sketchcrawl - June 2016

The market is always full of colours, textures and smell!  This is the first successful sketch outing at the Medan Niaga Satok.  A lot of the former vendors at the Sunday (Satok) Market relocated to this place after DBKU completed this market.  While it was a productive sketching afternoon, some sketchers had a bountiful marketing experience too!

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Aurelia brought a 360deg camera, and the result of it was really amazing. For the 360deg experience, head here

May 2016 - Pengkalan Abok

Jee and Ann was telling us about this quaint jetty in the middle of our bustling city, and suggested that we go sketch it.  It was indeed a fun afternoon, with quaint stories and full of laughter.  Due to the direction of the afternoon sun, we were all seated in a row, facing a timber deck/jetty with a shed attached to it; this became the subject of all our sketches.  A man walked from the shed onto the deck and got a shock; startled at the entire row of 14 sketchers all appearing to be drawing him, he hurried back into the shed.

May 2016 - Sarawak Museum Aquarium

Upon hearing that the Sarawak Museum renovation and upgrading works will involve the existing DBKU Aquarium, a former conservatorium of the Sarawak Museum, we made an impromptu outing to record the scenes before they remove the adjoining addition with the fish tanks, and animal displays.
More sketches here, on our FB group album,
Photos of the outing by Jee, here

The part I enjoy the most at each Sketchcrawl is the camaraderie that happens after the sketching, where people share their sketches and their stories or sketching tips.  

Sketchcrawl - May 2016

One of our favourite haunts, Song Kheng Hai Hawker Centre; open-air, well-ventilated, breezy, with refreshing drinks and variety of local snacks for the peckish afternoons, next to a rugby field.  We often revisited this place for food sketches or scene sketches, or just to hang out after a sketch with drinks and hawker food.
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Sketching photos by Jee, here

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Rakan Muda - Sketching Workshop

At the end of April, USk Kuching was invited by Rakan Muda, under the Ministry of Youth and Sports, to host a sketching workshop at UNIMAS.  We had fun sharing what urban sketching is about and had some participants and visitors tried urban sketching for the first time.  It was a fun afternoon for us and hopefully for everyone else.
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